DT_PAYMENT - Payments for MES Link


PAY_IDNumberIdentifier - Auto-generated
MES_IDForeign KeyLink to MES Link. Mandatory
PAY_VA_CHEQUENUMBERString(255)Cheque number. If a cheque is split over several payments, the cheque numer information is used to group payments for payments delivery
PAY_VA_BANKNAMEString(255)Bank name
PAY_VA_BANKTOWNString(255)Bank town
PAY_VA_OWNERString(255)Bank account owner
PAY_AM_AMOUNTAmountPayment amount
PAY_DT_RECEIVEDDatePayment reception date. Automatically set.
PAY_DT_DEPOSITDateDate when the payment must be deposed
PAY_BL_DEPOSEDBooleanPayment deposed flag