Welcome to the Project-1901 project! This software has ben designed to manage organisations known in France as "Association Loi 1901", but is configurable enough, I hope, to manage any organisations that have to deals with members, sections, and so on.... Please see next chapter "Features" for more information.

This software is released under the AGPL V3 licence for non-commercial use only. In other terms, if you're a non-profit organisation, you're my hero, please go ahead and use this software. If you're a business representative, well please contact me and we gonna talk about business.

Please browse the menu on the right, where you will find (sooner or later...) screenshots, User guides, Developpers guides, FAQs...


  • Powerful configuration:
    • Multi-organisation: DNS based selection.
    • Exercices, Sections and Categories
    • Section "Elements":
      • persistant over exercices or not
      • Mandatory or not
      • List of values or not
      • Multi-selection or not
      • Priced or not
  • Roles managements at organisation and section level
  • Payments management
  • Member validity checks
  • New member identification process to avoid dual entries
  • Email sending facility
  • Easy report creation