UT_ORAGNISATION - Configure organisation information.


ORG_IDNumberIdentifier - Auto-generated
ORG_CDString(50)Organisation code
ORG_DESString(2000)Organisation description
ORG_VA_NAMEString(255)Organisation name
ORG_VA_DNSIDString(255)Domain name that identify this organisation. The application is using this information to select the organisation to use
ORG_VA_CURRENCYString(50)Currency symbol used
ORG_VA_REPORTSPATHString(1000)File path, on the server, where the available reports are stored.
ORG_VA_MAXNUMBEROFPAYMENTSNumberMaximum number of payments allowed (1)
ORG_VA_EMAILHOSTNAMEString(255)SMTP server hostname
ORG_VA_EMAILFROMString(255)Default "from" address to use when sending emails



(1) As an exemple in France, we cannot accept more than 3 payments each years otherwise it can be considered as unfair concurrence on banks... LOL... That's the law...